Vivid Makes Top 20 List of Most DMCA Notices

SAN FRANCISCO — Chilling Effects Clearinghouse, an online resource that collects and analyzes legal complaints about online activity, has compiled a list of entities that send frequent DMCA takedown notices requesting removal of infringed content.

Out of the 20 most frequent senders from 2010, Vivid Entertainment takes the No. 17 spot with 82 takedown notices sent within the past year.

Also on the list is RemoveYourContent, which acts as an agent that sends notices on behalf of one or more clients, coming in at number six with 221 notices sent.

“In the last year, Chilling Effects saw more than 12,000 cease-and-desist notices reported,” said Wendy Seltzer of Chilling Effects Clearinghouse.

“Over the next few weeks and into 2011, we will be doing preliminary analysis of patterns in those notices. We are also preparing the data to be more easily usable by other researchers.”

Seltzer also said while the mix changes over time, the most frequent senders of DMCA takedown notices remain the music industry, whose institutional members have sent a combined total averaging roughly five takedowns a day.