BelAmiOnline Releases 1st-Ever 3D Scene

NEW YORK — BelAmiOnline released today what it’s calling the first-ever 3D scene from a major gay studio and website.

Shot in conjunction with Dominic Ford Productions, the scene was produced in Ibiza, Spain and features performers Vadim Farrell and Dario Dolce of BelAmiOnline.

Dominic Ford Productions handled the 3D camerawork, post production and 3D consulting on the project.

“BelAmiOnline, is the only major gay adult studio site with 3D content available. In fact, other than the 3D porn innovator’s site and his award winning DVD line in 3D, BelAmiOnline is the only place consumers can watch gay adult content in 3D,” the company said.

A total of four BelAmi 3D scenes were filmed in Ibiza, the remaining three scenes will be rolled out in the new year and will be a part of a DVD release for 2011.

Dominic Ford said, “Working with BelAmi on this project was in many ways a highlight for me in the adult industry. This content couldn’t get any more high quality. To achieve the best outcome for BelAmiOnline we invested heavily in state of the art Hollywood 3D rigs that allowed for a lot more versatility and better quality than ever."

He added, "The outcome is some great 3D effects. It’s like having the most beautiful boys in the world in your living room.”

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