Author: Amazon to Use Search Filter on Lords-Inspired Book

LOS ANGELES — A new novel inspired by the underage scandal involving Traci Lords in 1986 will be subject to search filtering by, the world's largest online book retailer, according to the book's author.

Humphry Knipe, the husband of photographer Suze Randall, wrote the book titled "Lies, Love & Porn," which has been available at since November. Knipe said he received an email on Tuesday from Amazon stating that the book contains "adult content that is not appropriate for general viewing because it either contains nudity or depicts or simulates a sexual act" and would therefore be subject to filtering in Amazon's book search results.

Suze Randall shot Lords, who had a false ID, more than any other photographer.

Knipe said the email came one day after Phillip Greaves, author of "The Pedophile's Guide," was arrested for obscenity. A series of protests last month resulted in Amazon pulling Greaves's title from its list.

Knipe said that his novel portrays "a predatory 17-year-old who makes victims of the photographers and filmmakers she dupes."

"After the 'Pedophile Guide' scandal Amazon must have taken a second look at my book and judged it by its cover," he said. "They were reviewing it for its Kindle edition.

"Although the setting is controversial, this is not a pornographic book. It's a moral tale about ambition and greed."

A representative from was not available for comment at post time.