26 Studios Could Be Asked to Garnish Jake Lyons' Payments

SAN DIEGO — A judge will decide next month whether gay porn star Jake Lyons should face garnishment after he was handed a defeat in a civil lawsuit in October.

Corbin Fisher, in a motion filed today, is seeking to garnish Lyons' sales, model fees, commissions and affiliate payments from 26 studios and websites that he works with after the porn star was entered into a default judgment over allegedly infringing on seven images that were posted on gay escort site Men4RentNow.com.

Lyons, who once worked for Corbin Fisher, was sued because he allegedly uploaded Corbin Fisher-owned images of himself onto Men4RentNow that included the San Diego-based company's trademark. Lyons, in the complaint, was accused of exploiting Corbin Fisher's property and its name without permission.

Lyons put up a defense but after losing his first motion, he put a halt to it, with the judge ultimately finding that he willfully infringed on Corbin Fisher's copyrighted works, paving way for a judgment that could have reached just above $1 million. But Corbin Fisher later settled for a minimum licensing fee of $5,000 per image plus attorneys fees, or $54,000, which it is now seeking.

Marc Randazza, general counsel for Corbin Fisher, told XBIZ that Lyons simply put up an escort ad "misrepresenting himself as 'Corbin Fisher' " and that he wishes no inconveniences placed upon the 26 studios.

"[Lyons] continues to publicly brag about how much money he is making, and that he has no intention of making any payment whatsoever voluntarily," Randazza said. "Unfortunately, this is the way we need to hold him accountable for his actions. When Corbin Fisher gets a judgment against someone, they are not content to just have the piece of paper. They hold the individual accountable."

Randazza made a motion today for the court to garnish Lyons' compensation from High Drive Productions, Jocks Studios, Jet Set Men, Buckshot Productions, Colt Studio Group, Raging Stallion, Twinks.com, Citiboyz, Channel 1 Releasing, Helix Studios, Next Door Entertainment, MasonWyler.com (Gamma), Marina Pacific Distributors, Falcon Studios, TLA Entertainment Group, Hot House Entertainment, Studio 2000, Buzz West, JasonCurious.com, Active Duty, Sean Cody, Randy Blue,Chaos Men, Titan Media, Treasure Island Media, Pride Studios Inc. and Lukas Studios.

A judge will decide on the garnishment at a hearing in San Diego on Jan. 18.

XBIZ was unable to reach Lyons, whose legal name is Justin Krueger, by post time.