CommerceGate Debuts New Merchant Prescreening Service

LOS ANGELES — International payment solution provider CommerceGate announced a new prescreening service today that aids online merchants in reducing chargebacks.

The company said the new tool allows merchants to manage and streamline their accounts for optimal payment processing regardless of which gateway is used.

According to the company, the prescreening services are being offered to all merchants that utilize the DHD platform. It also works with cascading billing and allows clients with their own merchant accounts to add risk management services to their proprietary join process.

“Our proprietary processing services have saved our clients many thousands of dollars by reducing the number of refunds and chargebacks they have faced over the years,” said Bjorn Skarlen, CEO of CommerceGate.

He added, “We understand that some merchants prefer to handle their processing in-house or have chosen other quality companies to add in their billing cascades — this new suite of prescreening services is designed to allow every merchant to take advantage of our risk management services to help reduce fees and adhere to Card Association compliance ratios.

Skarlen maintained that the greatest benefit of prescreening is that it allows merchants to avoid fraudulent charges by visitors, chronic chargeback perpetrators and declined transactions before sending the data through and being assessed fees or having negative outcomes counted against their merchant chargeback threshold.

He said that the total cost of prescreening is far less than that of declines and chargebacks that could harm a merchant account if levels rise above those set by the card association or bank.

The company said that merchants can receive this scrubbing advice from CommerceGate without blocking the transaction process, giving webmasters the ability to analyze the report and manually scrub out only the transactions they choose to void.

For more information visit CommerceGate Solutions, email or call (800) 996 0398 for a demonstration.


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