Fleshlight Settles Infringement Case With All Defendants

AUSTIN, Texas — Sex toy manufacturer Interactive Life Forms, the maker of Fleshlight, today announced that the patent infringement suit filed against 27 companies both in the U.S. and Asia has been resolved.

“We would like to thank these companies for working to resolve the infringement issues,” CEO Steve Shubin said.

“We also appreciate the industry’s patience and understanding as we exercised our rights for patent protection at the International Trade Commission in Washington D.C. We are also thankful to the judge and staff of the ITC for their profession guidance and adherence to the purpose of the International Trade Commission. Thanks to all.”

During the past several months, Fleshlight said it has worked to negotiate a resolution with each defendant.

The results of these negotiations led to a variety of agreements that were specific to each defendant. The settlement agreements included one or more of the following resolutions:

  • Withdrawal of infringing products from the market place;
  • Discontinuing production of infringing products;
  • Cease of distribution of infringing products;
  • Issuance of a worldwide licensing agreement; and
  • Alteration of infringing products to eliminate infringement of ILF /Fleshlight patents.

The company said specific results with each company cannot be disclosed and varied based on the defendant’s type of business.

Interactive Life Forms had filed patent infringement complaints against the companies to stop sales of sex toys that use its technology.

In the suit, Interactive Life Forms claimed the companies were selling products that were likely to cause confusion, mistake and deceive the public as to the identity of the company’s goods, causing irreparable harm.