Launches Using Artificial Intelligence for Erotic Chat

BROOKLYN — King Tut Media announced the launch of, an interactive website providing sex chat with virtual girls powered by chatbot technology.

The company said Chatterbabes' interface is similar to that of live adult webcams, so users can chat with the girls while viewing them on screen. However, unlike live video chat, the girls of Chatterbabes are virtual conversation agents, powered by artificial intelligence chatterbot technology.

"These virtual girls respond to a user's messages, and specialize in simulated sex chat," the company said.

"Although the girls might not pass a high level test of general artificial intelligence (such as the famous "Turing" test), they excel at erotic chat. Visitors can chat for free with Crystal, one of our responsive, playful, and sexy virtual girls, to experience this firsthand."

While visitors can chat for free, unlimited access to the members area costs $9.95 per month. The members area features several virtual girls who get nude and talk even dirtier than in free chat.

Chatterbabes uses Adobe Flash, so users can chat on any mobile device enabled with Adobe Flash 10.1 mobile.