60,000 Meals Donated by OrbitalPay CEO's Nonprofit Group

CYPRESS, Calif. — OrbitalPay's CEO has plans today to deliver more than 60,000 meals, along with personal hygiene and sundry items, to missions in nearby Long Beach and Orange County.

The donations, which go to the Long Beach Rescue Mission as well as sister mission Orange County Rescue Mission, were tripled this year by Steven Bryson's Never Forgotten Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization founded to provide resources to impoverished people around the world. Never Forgotten has sponsored the donations for three straight years.

Bryson is founder of Orbital Pay's parent company, merchant account payment processor Global Electronic Technology Inc., and record label I55 Productions.

He noted this year the Long Beach and Orange County communities have been kind enough to provide discounted rates on meat, non-perishable items and delivery methods.

Rev. James Lewis, Long Beach Rescue Mission’s President and CEO, said that Bryson is “one of the largest single donors we’ve ever had that’s gift in kind.”

Bryson's charitable spirit has brushed off on his household, as well. His daughter, Samantha Bryson, volunteered at a shelter each week and spent almost a year in Ethiopia to help orphaned children.

In January, Bryson and his son, Scott Bryson, who returned after 15 months of combat deployment in Iraq, chartered a private jet filled with food and medical supplies to bring aid to the devastated people of Haiti.