Chip Company Rolls Out Home-Networking Technology

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Chip manufacturer Atheros recently announced a new family of hybrid home-networking solutions for consumers and service providers.

The products will deliver 802.11n, Ethernet, and powerline connectivity all from a single device, such as a router, according to

The company’s hybrid solutions combine the benefits of the most popular global networking standards: IEEE 802.11 (Wi-Fi), IEEE 1901 (HomePlug AV) and IEEE 802.3 (Ethernet).

Atheros is launching four new reference designs, including a router and three adapters that use various combinations of its XSPAN wireless LAN, AMP powerline, and ETHOS Ethernet technologies.

These devices will extend broadband connectivity throughout a home, even in areas that may be out of range with a typical wireless router.

Consumers will also be able to access streamed-media content from anywhere within a home plus integrated software.

For service providers, the dual connectivity multiplies bandwidth, which means greater total capacity. Hybrid devices for service providers will feature carrier-grade intelligence to analyze, prioritize and manage traffic.

The most immediate effects of hybrid networking in homes will be complete coverage and the ability to have a greater number of gadgets and devices connected to a home network.