TitanMen Launches iPhone, Android On-Demand Site

SAN FRANCISCO — TitanMen.com has launched the iPhone and Android-compatible version of its on-demand website, TitanMenMobile.

The TitanMen on-demand website is now playable on iPad, iPhone and Android smart phones.

“Just in time for the holidays, you can now take your favorite TitanMen wherever you go,” said Bruce Cam, president of Titan Media.

“Now that trip to Grammas’ house isn’t so bad when you have TitanMen along for the ride! Our TitanMen.com members get high-resolution streaming of all our award-winning content on their mobile devices with no upcharge.”

The company said the site automatically detects iPhone and Android users and serves them a fully- compatible version of the TitanMen on-demand website.

There is no upcharge and current members get full access to the standard desktop website, iPad/tablet version and now iPhone and Android versions of the website.

The company said one price gets customers full access on their desktop, tablet, handheld and mobile devices.

“We are one of the first major gay studios to develop and launch our own mobile on-demand website,” said Keith Webb, vice president of TitanMen.

“Unlike other studios who hand their brands over to a third party company, we have built our mobile sites from the ground up and run them ourselves. We learned a long time ago that no third party will treat our customers, and our brand, like we do. Our customers are our most valuable asset and we need to take care of them ourselves.”

The TitanMen mobile site offers high-quality streaming video on-demand via an HTML5 player that is compatible with iPhone’s Safari browser and Android’s Chrome browser that support the new HTML5 standards.

The company said members will enjoy an almost identical version of the standard desktop version of our website, with full-screen streaming of more than 200 full-length Titan Media films.