Dean Capture Releases Color Correction Video Tutorial

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Adult industry photographer Dean Capture has released a video tutorial explaining how he color corrects skin tones in his work.

The tutorial — "Skintone Madness" — documents Capture's complete post-production color correction workflow.

"I get compliments all the time about how beautiful the skintones look in my pictures," Capture said.

"Up until now, I've never shared my developing process with anyone. In this video, I share everything."

The 60-minute video covers the photographer's complete developing process using Adobe Bridge, Camera Raw and Photoshop. He also covers some basic retouching, dodging and burning and body molding techniques.

"I've spent years figuring this stuff out and now I'm sharing this with those who want to take their work to a higher level of quality. This tutorial will help industry photographers to fine tune their post-production work flow and help make their pictures look better," he said.

The video is available for purchase and instant download for $69 from SkinToneMadness.

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