Android Will Dominate Mobile Space, Apple Co-founder Says

CYBERSPACE — Google’s Android platform will dominate the mobile market, according to Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. Wozniak told Netherlands newspaper De Telegraaf, “The Apple phone has very few weaknesses. When it comes to quality, the iPhone is leading."

But because of the Android’s features, apps and buying options for those who don't want to be limited to a single device, Wozniak believes the Google product will take the lead.

Wozniak also said that like Windows in the desktop OS space, Google's mobile platform will become the "dominant" option in its own market.

He also revealed that Apple had developed a quality smart phone in 2004 but never released it because the company “wanted something that could surprise the world" and it wanted a real breakthrough which it felt it had with the 2007 release of the first-generation iPhone.

Although Wozniak’s comments raise eyebrows considering he’s an Apple shareholder, mobile industry analysts for the most part agree with his prediction.

According to market-research firm Gartner, the Android platform is expected to own about 30 percent of the worldwide mobile OS market by 2014, with Apple trailing at around 15 percent.

IDC says Android will have a 25 percent share and Apple only 11 percent.