Amorz Launches Asian Hardcore Line, Animated Series

Kat Khan
LOS ANGELES — Amorz Entertainment, formerly known as Y2K Entertainment Group, has launched “Kokeshi Cowgirl,” a new all-Japanese hardcore line presented mosaic-free – or, in other words, presented with non-pixelated genitalia, an emerging trend for Japanese adult content.

“I think it’s a new trend and something people want to see more and more,” Amorz’s Jonathan Chang told XBiz. “People don’t want to see pixilated content, especially in America.”

Chang added that the Kokeshi series is completely uncensored, including a number of anal and girl/girl scenes, content not often seen in Japanese porn.

“I think we’re the first company to do really high quality [mosaic-free content],” Chang told XBiz. “Before, there were a few companies in Japan that would do it, but it was kind of cheap because they couldn’t spend too much on production due to the laws against it in Japan.”

Chang said Amorz skirted that issue by shooting the content in Japan, but distributing it in Los Angeles.

“It was very difficult at first,” Chang told XBiz. “It was hard to find a producer in Japan who could get us connected to other people and models there. But then we found Taki, who helped us get started. He’s still our producer.”

Additionally, Chang told XBiz that the 2257 regulations in the U.S. have nearly caused a hiatus in the production of new Japanese adult content.

“People are afraid to bring their product to America,” Chang told XBiz. “I think everyone got scared initially. Last year, 40-50 titles were being released a week. Our pre-release section used to have 40-50 pages. Now, we’re down to one or two pages. 2257 really has stopped people from coming out with new movies.”

Chang also said Amorz has a new animation series, “Discipline,” currently in production, which will include eight DVDs.

“It’s going to be something really good for us,” Chang told XBiz. “People kept asking us if we were going to do an animated series, so we finally decided to come out with something.”