LA Direct Models Make Cameo in Pink’s Music Video

LOS ANGELES — LA Direct Models Brooklyn Lee, Alexa Nicole, Alexia Rae and Katie Jordin all appear in the new Pink music video for “Raise Your Glass." published an article about the video, saying, “The clip for the upbeat single, which Pink has said she wrote for the underdogs, runs the visual gamut from ironic to uplifting to downright fun. The video opens with an overweight girl calmly eating in-between two cardboard cutouts of thin women. After a beat or two, the young girl punches one of the cutouts and knocks it over.”

One of the most intense scenes of the video starred the four LA Direct Models.

"From there, we see more odd, striking images,” continued. “There is a scene in what looks to be a dairy farm, but instead of cows being milked, a line of blindfolded women are hooked up to pumps that feed into a bottle for a calf.”

Entertainment Weekly called the scene with the LA Direct girls “a rather startling image” and said the video is “a thoughtful, endlessly watchable video, just what we’d all expect from the always-on-her-toes Pink.”

Billboard Magazine concluded that the video “represents many varieties of underdogs in the song's saucy video.”

In another scene, Lee is seen shooting rose pedals of out of her mouth and into the air.

"Getting to work with an artist of Pink's caliber was a lifelong dream realized,” Lee said. “To be a part of this provocative new video was an unprecedented experience. I have always admired Pink for her ability to question the status quo, while directly appealing to those she coyly antagonizes. By her juxtaposition of adult film stars in this video, she's certainly continuing that trend."

Nicole added, “Pink was a really cool person to be around on set. She was incredibly down-to-earth, and very original, with her ideas about how she wanted the music video to turn out. I was very happy to be a part of this.”

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Pictured clockwise from left: Brooklyn Lee, Alexa Nicole, Alexia Rae and Katie Jordin.