PleasureXone Debuts Self-Serve Movie Kiosks

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — After several years in research and development, PleasureXone has announced it is ready to roll out the company’s kiosks to select markets.

The company said PleasureXone has designed and developed a new method of movie delivery, consisting of self-serve kiosks that allow customers to look up their desired title on the touch screen panel, insert their USB drive and have their selection downloaded for rental or purchase.

“The PleasureXone system will one day replace all DVDs, which are expensive for the distributor and the retailer, bulky and prone to scratches that cause playability problems for the consumer,” the company said.

“Furthermore, DVD’s offer no privacy. PleasureXone allows digital content to be downloaded to a customer’s USB drive, with no scratches or damage, no late fees and no out-of-stock issues in a totally private system. The movies can then be watched on any PC or MAC personal computer or TV.”

The company said the technology was created to help producers and movie studios ensure that their content can’t be downloaded and copied or sold illegally.

“The PleasureXone system guarantees 100 percent deliverability, 100 percent of the time,” the company said.

For more information, contact Angelique, vice president of marketing and distribution at (818) 993-3490.