DominicFord Launches Anti-Piracy Watchdog Service

Bob Johnson
NEW YORK — Gay adult company DominicFord announced the launch of its Porn Guardian industry anti-piracy watchdog service today.

The company said Porn Guardian has a dedicated staffed in New York and Los Angeles that patrols blogs, file sharing sites, torrents, newsgroups and other places on the Internet where files are being illegally shared. The service also provides clients detailed reporting and currently has a 98 percent take-down rate on files discovered, according to DominicFord. It will also provide substantial evidence to its client base that wishes to pursue class action lawsuits against any uncooperative site.

The company said Porn Guardian's confidential client list already includes almost every top company in the industry and is priced to be affordable by both small and large sites.

DominicFord explained that he began development on the service two years ago with industry veteran Peter Phinney and subsequently realized the solution would be a benefit to the entire industry.

“As we became more and more well known, I noticed our content popping up in alarming numbers all over the Internet," DominicFord said. "While our membership base has been growing for the last two years, piracy is a problem that is plaguing us as much as it is plaguing the rest of the industry.”

He added, "We couldn't find a solution we thought worked well, nor could we find a company whose staff was attuned specifically to the adult space. And like that, Porn Guardian was born. While we had developed a quite robust set of tools for our in-house use, we evolved it to become even better, bigger and developed unique features that would help not only us, but the industry at large."

More information at Porn Guardian.