Wet to Release Cooling, Stimulating Ecstasy Lube

LOS ANGELES — Wet has announced the launch of its newest lubricant formula, Wet Ecstasy, featuring a blend of herbal aphrodisiac ingredients that boosts sexual stamina while offering cooling and tingling sensations.

Wet Ecstasy is available in both water-based and paraben-free silicone-based formulas, the company said.

“Wet Ecstasy’s cooling formula features a hint of peppermint extract, which is also commonly used in aromatherapy to stimulate the brain, providing extra excitement for both the body and the mind,” Trigg Laboratories founder Michael Trygstad said. “We’re thrilled to introduce this new formula, which also features a unique aphrodisiac herbal blend to increase arousal and stamina.”

According to the company, Wet Ecstasy’s aphrodisiac herbal blend includes Muira Puama, an extract from the Brazilian Amazon said to increase sexual stamina, and Mexican Damiana, an herbal extract that has been used in Mexico as an “herbal Viagra” for centuries.

It also features ginger root extract to stimulate the circulatory system and increase blood flow to the surface of the skin, as well as passion flower and ginkgo biloba extracts to soothe skin irritation.

Wet Ecstasy comes in both water-based and silicon-based formulas, both of which are pH-balanced and latex-friendly. The water-based formula is available in 3.6 oz. and 10.6 oz. bottles and the paraben-free silicone-based formula is available in 3.1 oz. and 8.9 oz. bottles.

The product will be available in November. For sales, call (661) 775-3100, or email sales@trigglabs.com.