Third Degree Announces New Reality Show, 'Coming of Age' Parodies

LOS ANGELES — Third Degree Films announced plans to release dozens of new parodies tackling one of the most popular genres on TV — reality — and some classic "coming of age" comedies.

The first release "Official Big Brother Parody" will be released on Dec. 7 starring Asa Akira. It was written and directed by Nate Liquor. Other reality parodies due out into the New Year will include the "Official Girls Next Door Parody," "Official Beauty and the Geek Parody," "Official Real Housewives of the OC Parody" and more.

“It was a great opportunity for me to direct the adult version of 'Big Brother,'” Liquor said. “It’s a popular and iconic show.”

Among the feature film parodies on tap from Third Degree are "Official Revenge of the Nerds Parody," "Official Clueless Parody," "Official Risky Business Parody" and "Official Footloose Parody" in time for the Hollywood remake.