Topco Sales Revamps Website

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Adult novelty manufacturer Topco Sales has revamped its website

“We have gone to great lengths to make the new a friendly and intuitive experience for the user,” said John Ferrel, senior web developer at Topco Sales. “We now have more capabilities than we did with the old framework and we'll be able to leverage that technology moving forward to better serve our visitors.”

Ferrel said that the new build allows products to be broken out by individual attributes and offers users expanded search capabilities. In its current state, the relaunched site also runs faster and is specifically laid out to be easier to navigate, the company said.

“We're excited about the added features we're going to be releasing over the next few months,” said Matt McGraw, Topco Sales' junior web developer. Ferrel agrees, “It's an ever evolving thing. Our ultimate goal is to help Topco customers get the most from our virtual offerings.”

For questions and suggestions about the new site, email