Topco Sales Rolls Out Hardware

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Topco Sales has released its new Hardware line with the availability of knee pads and several new personal care cosmetics.

“Hardware is truly a unique brand,” said Greg Holdridge, Topco Sales' sales manager. “Every aspect of the line has been targeted toward people with garage sex fantasies. From its utilitarian packaging, to its color palate, all the way to actual product design, Hardware reflects the look and feel of real tools.”

Built to accommodate a wide variety of knees, the fully adjustable Hardware Industrial Strength Knee Pads extend the length of time the wearer is able to comfortably remain in a kneeling position to aid with fellatio or cunnilingus. The heavy-duty pads are constructed with a rigid nylon and plastic outer shell, which is then fully lined with protective cushioning. Four adjustable elastic straps ensure proper fit.

Hardware Piston Grease, Tinted Masturbation Cream & Muscle Lube is a super-concentrated lubricant formula that goes on thick and stays where it's placed. The cream is suitable for masturbation and for use as a massage foundation. Drawing on the garage inspiration of the Hardware brand, Piston Grease is tinted to leave dark “grease” smudges in its wake.

Much like Piston Grease, Hardware Wank Wax Heavy Duty Masturbation Wax is a thick, ultra-concentrated lubricant that remains in place. Its slick texture is formulated specifically for extended use and friction-free glide.

Hardware Motor Oil Lubricant and Hardware Antifreeze Warming Lubricant are water-based lube formulas. Where they differ is that the former has a rich leather scent while the latter has no scent but does provide a gentle warming sensation. Both are non-staining and easy to clean up.