Indonesian Radicals Set to Protest Tera Patrick Horror Film

JAKARTA, Indonesia — The radical Islamic Defenders Front is set to protest the upcoming release of an Indonesian horror movie starring adult superstar Tera Patrick.

The movie — “The Moans of a Virgin Ghost” — is scheduled to be released Oct. 14.

Reports said that the hardline group — aka FPI — will rally thousands of paramilitary units to protest against the Film Censorship Board and the producers, K2K productions.

Habib Salim Alatas, head of the Jakarta chapter of the FPI, said he was unaware that Patrick was in Indonesia to shoot the movie.

"The movie producers have been so underhanded. It makes us stressed," Alatas said.

He added, "The next time a porn film star lands at Soekarno Hatta airport, we will block them. Nobody told us that the actress had already come and shot the movie in Indonesia."

The group apparently tried to block porn production in the past but the producers ignored the threats.

"We staged a demonstration against the production house but apparently it didn't work. They are smarter this time, they did not leak anything about the movie on the Internet or on Twitter,” Alatas said.

It isn't clear whether Patrick performs hardcore sex in the film, but the film’s producer KK Dheraj said the movie had passed all censorship requirements.

He said it took more than 16 months to convince Patrick to appear in the movie. “The first time she heard the offer was from Indonesia, she was scared. She refused the movie four or five times before she finally agreed,” Dheraj said.

“To have Tera Patrick in the movie was risky. I did the shooting secretly outside of Jakarta, 10 days before the fasting month started. Twenty bodyguards were deployed to guard her from the airport to the hotel room,” Dheraj said, adding that Patrick was no longer in Jakarta.

This wasn’t the first attempt by the group to stop porn production. The FPI successfully protested against Japanese porn actress Miyabi who was set to star in a comedy movie titled "Kidnapping Miyabi,” forcing her to cancel her participation in the film.

Alatas and the FPI’s message to porn stars is to stay out of Indonesia. "We will not stand still," he said.