LFP Spotlights Public Nudity in 'Teasers'

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — LFP Video has announced the release of the sequel to Marc Star's "Teasers: Extreme Public Adventures" featuring more risky acts of public nudity and porn girls doing naughty things in unconventional places.

In this new installment, the director Star and his producing partner Chief Drinkalot showcase Jasmine Jolie, Chayse Evans and Eden Adams in various states of undress on the streets of Los Angeles.

"Jasmine is one of my favorite girls of all time, no question," Star said. "She hits the streets wearing just a pair of heels and a jacket that comes down to her waist; her awesome ass is in full view as she struts it on the streets."

Jolie ends up getting naked at a local park before Chief uses a vibrator on her as joggers pass behind them.

"Nothing fazes these Hollyweird fuckers," Chief remarked. "People were jogging by like it was just another day in the park. Talk about jaded.”

Star is a veteran industry writer and still photographer who co-founded TeasersVOD.com, the raunchy site that inspired the DVD line that debuted at LFP this past summer.

"The park was one thing, but Eden Adams got us kicked out of a cafe," he noted. "I wasn’t surprised, actually. She was stopping people on the street to show them her pussy."

Meanwhile, the second volume also features Adams showing off her pussy at a bus stop on Sunset Blvd., and a blindfolded Chayse Evans exposed on a street corner.

"We've been extremely lucky," Star said. "We not only found some really wild girls for Volume 2, but managed to stay one step ahead of the law."

"Teasers: Extreme Public Adventures Vol. 2" is available on DVD on Tuesday. To view the trailer, click here.