Gamma Unveils New Live-Cam White Label Solution

MONTREAL — Gamma Entertainment has officially unveiled a bold new white label platform for its growing live cam divisions, LiveBucks and PornicationCash.

Available upon request by both new and existing affiliates, the company said its live-cam solution combines advanced live cam technology with complete brand customization to create a product that exceeds white label standards.

“Our focus was not to produce ‘cam in the box’ copies or limit our partner brands to color picker customization,” said Sabrina Miller, marketing manager for Gamma’s live cam divisions.

“As with all Gamma solutions, our goal is to empower brands with the right technology, marketing prowess and resources to become a driving force in the live cam industry.”

Designed in collaboration with live cam, product marketing and SEO specialists, the company said Gamma’s solution provides partners with a platform to create a totally branded live cam site, including complete SEO customization, engagement marketing strategies and social media integration.

“The initial response has been overwhelming,” said Jake Ozegovic, sales manager for Livebucks and PornicationCash.

“One of our partners, who recently swapped his existing white label for our new platform, found his revenues exceeding his past totals before the end of the first month.”

To create a white label, and PornicationCash affiliates are encouraged to login to their accounts and submit a request form.

White labels will be available upon request to affiliates from Gamma’s other leading adult programs, including FameDollars, BuddProfits and PornAccess.