Pink Lotus Entertainment Releases ‘Naporneon Dynamite’

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — This week Pink Lotus Entertainment released “Naporneon Dynamite.”

According to Pink Lotus, the original movie appealed to a wide demographic because it stayed away from profanity, alcohol, and nudity — products of the movie’s Mormon creators. “Naporneon Dynamite” takes the opposite approach.

“All the talent really liked the original movie, and studied their respective characters to make this porno seem more like a sequel than a parody,” said Pink Lotus partner Vincenzo Piano. “We want to send ‘Naporneon Dynamite’ to the original filmmakers, but we think their religion will prevent them from watching it. It’s too bad, because Debbie gets a great DP!”

“Naporneon Dynamite” stars Danny Wylde as Naporneon and Aurora Snow as Debbie.

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