Kink Study Reveals Growing Acceptance of Alternative Sex Acts

SAN FRANCISCO — today released a Sexual Perception Study, which found that the average man is feeling less stigmatized when discussing his sexuality and that some people are probably a little more deviant than what the greater population might be aware of.

“Engaging in a variety of safe, consensual and mutually pleasurable sexual activities adds to the development of healthy relationships and perhaps boosts an individual's mental, physical and spiritual health as well,” said Eric Marlowe Garrison, consultant, sexologist and author of the "Mastering Multiple Position Sex."

“The Sexual Perception Study sheds light on dozens of historically taboo, alternative sexual activities that society is now beginning to cast aside and even accept with open arms.”

In the study of 315 men between the ages of 25 to 54, not only do a great majority support couples in their right to consensually please one another as they wish, their support of historically taboo activities is overwhelming.

According to survey responses, 37 percent of men would be interested in having sex in public and 30 percent of men would possibly be interested in tying someone up or being tied up assuming safety and a willing partner.

53 percent of respondents said they get sexually aroused from seeing people other than their partner nude and 52 percent are sexually aroused watching others have sex — 47 percent who are “somewhat/very religious.”

“The fact that the world is loosening up a bit is so refreshing,” said Peter Acworth, founder of

“We’ve been stereotyped for far too long. And for no reason other than wanting to satisfy our innate carnal needs and desires. When I saw the results of the study, I said to myself, ‘it’s so good to see progress.’ I mean there’s nothing wrong with a little enjoyment of ‘alternative’ sexual activities as long as everyone involved is participating consensually.”