Pipedream Products to Be Featured on NBC's 'Outsourced'

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Pipedream Products will have several items featured in NBC’s new comedy, "Outsourced."

NBC described the show as a workplace comedy about a catalog-based company that sells American novelties whose call center gets outsourced to India.

“We got a call from the producers of the show requesting permission to use two items from our Girls Just Want to Have Fun catalog, which they picked up at a local Spencer’s,” said Kevin Johnson, marketing manager of Pipedream Products.

“They seemed as excited at our offer to use anything else they wanted from out catalog as we were to get the call in the first place. From the looks of the trailer, which features our Jingle Jugs, the show promises to be full of laughs and will likely appeal to fans of 'The Office.'”

Show producers picked out nearly 20 items in total for placement in episode 102, which is scheduled to air this Thursday.

Pipedream’s CEO Nick Orlandino has extended an offer to show producer’s to tour the facility or use it to shoot an episode.

“We have extended an invitation to the producers of 'Outsourced' to come to our offices to see what a day in the life at a leading novelty manufacturer is really like,” he said.

“Our doors are open for either an inspirational tour for show writers and producers or to use for filming. We are currently in discussion with producers for product placements in other shows as well as films.”

"Outsourced" premiered Sept. 23 on NBC. Episode 102, which will feature select items from Pipedream’s Girls Just Want to Have Fun catalog, is scheduled to air tomorrow.