XBIZ Obtains Clips4Sale's Proposal to Lindsay Lohan

MIAMI — XBIZ has exclusively obtained the letter Clips4Sale sent to Lindsay Lohan, offering her $50,000 to blow up, pop and play with balloons.

The letter in its entirety reads:

"Dear Ms Holley, We are very sorry to hear about your client, Lindsay Lohan’s recent legal woes with her having failed her recent court mandated drug tests. Understanding that Ms. Lohan’s drug addiction is a very real disease that needs to be treated within the confines of an accredited rehabilitation facility here in the US, and knowing the costs associated with such care, both legal and medical, we at Clips4Sale.com the #1 downloadable video clip site have a solution to help her offset her legal and medical expenses.

We recently polled our consumers as to which celebrity they would like to see appear on our site and what fetish they would like to see the celebrity participate in. Some of the more popular categories on our site include: Smoking, Tickling, Foot Fetish and Hair Washing. However, after polling the consumers as well as the staff of the site, they all voted and by unanimous decision the people at Clips4Sale.com would like to offer Lindsay Lohan the sum of $50,000 to blow up and pop balloons on webcam along for a total of 30 minutes.

The video can be prerecorded by HD webcam within the confines of Ms. Lohan’s home, or can be broadcast live across our cam network on an agreed set date and time. The video must consist of thirty minutes of continual balloon play whereby Ms. Lohan would be required to sit on, and or step on balloons in high heels and grasping the balloons tightly with any part of her body until they burst.

Ms. Holley, I am betting that your knowledge of the balloon fetish culture may be limited so let me edify you as to the growing fascination with the “balloonist subculture”. Much of the fetish includes absolutely no nudity, and Lindsay would not be required to be in any state of undress. We feel this is a great opportunity for Lindsay to offset some upcoming legal costs, and know that our consumers really would love to see Lindsay popping and sitting on balloons. Your response would be greatly appreciated and we wish both you and Lindsay all our best. Best Regards, Neil O CEO Clips4sale.com."

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