Metro, Loaded Digital Set to Release 'Naughty Newbies'

NORTHRIDGE, Calif. — Metro Entertainment and Loaded Digital are set to release director Van Styles’ “Naughty Newbies” on Sept. 28.

The companies said the new pro/am film features female talent who have shot less than 10 scenes total in their careers.

“The premise I had with ‘Naughty Newbies’ is to create a movie where it is fun natural sex shot in a gonzo style, without all the typical predictable things in today’s flicks,” Styles said.

He added, “There is no three-minute striptease to music, no cheesy typical questions and so on.”

The companies describe the movie as a raw and exciting look into the day in the life of a new girl on an adult film set with cameras continuously rolling as soon as they walk through the door of the set.

“Without using any dissolves, each scene is a jump cut to keep the vibe of the film reality based. I allowed the performers total freedom. The performers do a variety of positions so we are able to keep things unpredictable in each scene,” Styles said.

The director kept the shooting unique by keeping the film rolling after the cum shots to get the girls' raw impressions of their performances.

Styles said, “No scene is the same here. The girls’ personality and sexual energy is what makes each scene different. I wanted the viewer to be entertained before and after the sex, getting caught up in the performer’s personality.”

He added, “I think by cutting out all the standard routine of things people will be able to see that all parties involved with this movie had a good time and it shows through in their scenes.”

The cast includes Kelly Surfer, Milla Mason, Natalia James, Rosemary Radeva, Zoe Voss, Darcy Tyler, Jordan Ash, Marco Banderas and Mr. Pete.

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