Disney Studio Moving Into Kink’s Neighborhood?

SAN FRANCISCO — An anonymous press release last week sent to residents of San Francisco’s Mission District about a proposed Disney studio has set the local blogosphere buzzing about the possibility of Disney moving into the same neighborhood of Kink’s Armory.

“According to reputable sources, Disney Studios recently met with the S.F. Mayor's Office to plan its move to the former Hershey's Chocolate location at the corner of Folsom and 16th streets in the heart of S.F.'s Mission District," said the press released published online by the San Francisco Weekly.

According to reports, Disney Studios nor the mayor’s office have responded, however the property’s real estate broker didn’t deny the rumor.

“I would be delighted if Disney moved in next door,” Kink.com founder Peter Acworth told XBIZ. “We have bought dungeon props from Disney’s scenic department in the past, so our companies already have a history of collaboration.”

Kink.com purchased the 200,000-square-foot facility located at the corner of 14th and Mission Street in late 2006. The historic location now houses dungeons and rooms filled with sex machines where Kink produces content for its array of bondage websites and movies.