VCX Going After 113 Suspected of Downloading 'Debbie Does Dallas'

DALLAS — One of porn's best-known films — "Debbie Does Dallas" — is at center of the latest legal claim targeting bit torrent users who allegedly downloaded the 1978 movie.

VCX, which filed suit at U.S. District Court in Dallas against 113 John Does, already has received a judge's approval to find the identities of the alleged infringers by seeking out names through more than two dozen Internet service providers.

U.S. District Judge Jeff Kaplan gave the green light to subpoena records after he found "good cause" in VCX's argument that it had been a victim to pirates.

VCX President David Sutton told XBIZ that it's well past its time to go after pirates illegally downloading his material.

"They are taking away from my sales — from VOD to mail order," Sutton said. "There is a lot of different components of piracy, not the least of which is the guy who is downloading my adult content.

"But our hope is that every component of downloading will be stopped, including the bit torrent companies that facilitate the downloading. So far, we have had some remedial success in getting sites to pull our content off."

Considered one of the most important releases during the so-called Golden Age of Porn, "Debbie Does Dallas" was re-mastered by VCX four years ago from the original 35mm film.

The video takes a look at a squad of cheerleaders attempting to earn enough money to send Debbie to Dallas to try out for the famous "Texas Cowgirls" cheerleading squad.

The movie has spawned scores of sequels, remakes and imitations, including "Debbie Does New Orleans," "Debbie Does the Devil in Dallas," "Debbie Does Wall Street" and "Debbie Does 'Em All," among others. It also has been remade with contemporary porn stars.

VCX is seeking an injunction against the Does, as well as actual damages and attorneys fees. Attorney Evan Stone of Denton, Texas, represents VCX in the case.