Tom Byron Pictures Releases 'The Human Sexipede' Trailer

VAN NUYS, Calif. — Tom Byron Pictures has released the trailer for "The Human Sexipede," a new horror porn from director Lee Roy Myers that is the first parody for Byron's studio.

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Employing a German accent, Byron plays Dr. Heiter, a mad scientist with a twisted sense of humor who sews human beings together mouth-to-anus. The parody was inspired by the mainstream cult hit "The Human Centipede."

“I loved playing Dr. Heiter and I had an amazing time making this movie,” Byron said. “This trailer is only a taste of how great 'The Human Sexipede' has turned out, and a big 'thank you' goes to Lee Roy Myers for that.”

Evolution Distribution ( will distribute "The Human Sexipede." For wholesale ordering information, contact Adam Hasner at