New ASACP Hotline Report Reveals CP Data

LOS ANGELES — The ASACP has released a new report revealing child pornography data and trends.

The report titled ASACP Hotline Report — Online Child Pornography: Data and Analysis, is based upon data compiled by ASACP’s child reporting hotline between 2005 and 2009.

It features statistics on hosting and payment processing services used by CP websites, as well as ASACP’s analysis of statistical trends and recommendations for fighting CP in the future.

Tim Henning, who is ASACP’s Vice President of technology and forensic research, oversaw production of the report.

“By publicly sharing ASACP hotline data, we hope to support the efforts of many other organizations worldwide that fight CP,” he said.

“It’s only by collaborating that we can make progress towards eventually eliminating CP entirely.”

Highlights of the report include:

  • A breakdown of various channels by which CP is marketed and distributed
  • Ages of victims
  • Common geographical locations of servers hosting CP
  • Payment schemes used by CP operators
  • Increased frequency of non-website CP circulated via file sharing and other direct means

“The ASACP whitepaper conclusively demonstrates that the legitimate adult entertainment industry is not involved in the production or distribution of illegal child pornography and provides a glimpse into the true scope and sources of this disturbing material,” stated Stephen Yagielowicz, one of the whitepaper’s authors.

“This data will enable legislators and researchers to make more informed policy decisions and will ultimately help stem the flow of commercially available child pornography.”

The report also concurs with a recent Department of Justice report to Congress that found CP to be unrelated to adult pornography. This finding was the result of forensic analysis and ASACP Hotline data of CP images.

The new ASACP Hotline report can be found here.