AEBN, Factory Video Ink Limited Exclusive Deal

CHARLOTTE, N.C.— AEBN has reached a new partnership deal with gay studio Factory Video that will bring several of the company's content lines exclusively to AEBN's network of VOD theaters.

Factory Video began working with AEBN in 2001and have collaborated on the filming of a Factory movie. The studio produces several content lines including "Cum Suckers," "The Blue Alley Cum Series" and "BareBackRT," which will be fully exclusive to AEBN, along with select titles from its Pumphouse Video line.

"The time seemed right for this move," said Scott Morris of Factory Video.

"We've worked closely with AEBN for years and it's always been very successful for us both. I know AEBN will support these films of their fullest and we'll see great returns on their new exclusivity."

The Cum Suckers line brings together the hottest cum shots from several Factory Video lines, including Blue Alley, Pumphouse, Factory, and Threshhold.

"We're very excited to take our relationship with Factory Video to the next level," AEBN's Chris Baker said. "Although it's only a limited exclusive agreement, the lines we're getting are some of the strongest in the Factory Video catalog, ones that have proven their popularity again and again on our theater. We're proud to be the sole VOD streaming these films."

The exclusive titles are now available on AEBN and affiliated theaters.