Ultra-Magnum to Unveil Filming Techniques, 3D Glasses

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — 3D adult studio Ultra-Magnum Creations will introduce its 3D glasses and filming techniques with the release this month of “Virtual Reality Stimulator 3D” on DVD.

The company said each DVD includes the 3D glasses that use custom filter technology formulated by Ultra-Magnum to produce a 3D image that eliminates headaches.

“Producing a high-end 3D adult movie meant stepping away from the norm and reinventing the way cost-effective 3D movies are made,” said Bijan Ultra, co-owner of Ultra-Magnum Creations. “The available technology was unsatisfactory, so Damon and I spent years refining everything from the glasses to the cinematography, in order to create an immersive 3D experience.”

The company said Ultra-Magnum’s glasses venture away from the problematic red / blue filters, instead discovering a yellow / blue combination easing strain on the eyes. By using high quality gel filters, the glasses bring out full-color-pass through and deep 3D images.

Specially constructed camera rigs allowed Ultra-Magnum to shoot multiple angles, which according to the company, maximized the 3D effect for close-up and long shots. A beam-splitter rig allowed for great depth in close-ups, the company said.

“Within the first few seconds of watching ‘Virtual Reality Stimulator 3D’, it’s obvious Bijan and Damon brought something completely new to the industry,” said Danny Gorman of Juicy Entertainment, the distributor of “Virtual Reality Stimulator 3D.”

“I won’t pretend I know how they did it, but I do know they succeeded in making a hot 3D porn, which is comfortable to view from start to finish and looks amazing. Our consumers will love it.”

Each copy of “Virtual Reality Stimulator 3D” includes 3D and 2D formats, plus two pairs of glasses.

The trailer can be seen here.