XR Brands Unveils WandEssentials.com

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — XR Brands has officially unveiled the Wand Essentials line of wand massagers and specialty attachments.

Wand Essentials features both plug-in and wireless seven-speed stick massagers made with an ultra-quiet motor for erotic massage, teasing foreplay or full-on fornication. The header attachments are designed for G-spot, prostate and multi-penetration play.

“Massage has been around since the Stone Age to relieve tension and relax muscles, and now Wand Essentials can help connect the mind with the body and take erotic massage to the next pleasure level,” XR Brands brand manager Michael Merrill said. “The variety of exclusive attachments let users customize their Wand Essentials vibes with the tools they need to cater to their every sensual desire.”

Wand Essentials massagers and attachments are packaged in gender-neutral boxes with no nudity or sexual imagery to appeal to a greater demographic, the company said.

“WandEssentials.com shows retailers where to buy and also offers wholesale information for any distributors looking to expand into the wand-style vibe market,” XR Brands sales manager Randy Alvstad said. “We’ve been fielding eager inquiries about this line since word first got out last spring, and XR Brands is pleased to finally release the complete collection to the adult retail and home party markets.”

Wand Essentials was designed as a dynamic couples-friendly collection of vibrators with attachments, such as the ribbed M-gasm attachment, which turns a traditionally lady-friendly vibe into a powerful erotic massager just for men.

“Shoppers new to sex toys can use Wand Essentials massager accessories as a safe and comfortable way to experiment using wand-style muscle massagers, while also bringing even the most experienced sexual players back to basics and reminding them of the power of erotic massage,” Merrill said. “It’s easy to forget we all got our sexual footing from the power of touch — heavy petting anyone? — and these products are as much gateway toys as they are ultimate pleasure tools.”

For more information about XR Brands, visit XRBrands.com or email Merrill at michael@xrbrands.com.