Good Vibrations Adds Erotic Director to Talent Roster

SAN FRANCISCO — Sex toy retailer Good Vibrations presents “Matinee,” a sexually explicit drama by erotic director Jennifer Lyon Bell.

Good Vibrations’ sister company, Good Releasing, is the exclusive distributor for the film’s introduction to the American market.

The company says it is confident that viewers will welcome the latest in the string of high quality female-focused explicit films.

“Director Jennifer Lyon Bell is a progressive female director with a unique vision of eroticism that bridges the gap between art film and sex film, producing erotic film for people who like film,” the company said.

Bell will be presenting “Matinee” along with several other sexy European shorts as part of Good Vibrations 5th Annual Indie Erotic Film Festival Sept. 21at the Red Vic Theatre in San Francisco.

“Good Releasing’s titles showcase authentic and hot adult entertainment full of lustful and unabashed sexualities, unapologetic desire, genuine pleasure, helpful information and screen burning chemistry,” said Jackie Strano, Good Vibrations’ CEO.

“Matinee is the perfect expression of that featuring quality filmmaking, original writing, and talented acting to produce a sexy film that can be enjoyed on many levels.”

The company says the original film showcases authentic sex and a compelling storyline, which focuses on two actors who perform on stage as lovers. When they don’t impress the critics, they use various tactics to try to make their theater performance as authentic as possible.