Maddy G Inks Exclusive Deal With GameLink

ERIE, Pa. – Maddy G Productions and GameLink announced a partnership today to offer the Inside Marie’s Play Place series of movies as full-length HD downloads on the adult shopping site.

A total of more than 30 standard definition movies are also currently available as streaming video, downloads, iTunes-ready and pay-per-minute formats in the adult VOD section of GameLink’s site.

The downloads are available as full 1080 HD and full-length movies for $24.95.

The indie MILF and fetish studio said it decided to take the Blu-ray/HD leap for its fans.

"Our fans love shopping at – the site is so easy to use and they offer our films in all the most popular formats," Maddy G honcho Marie Madison said.

She added, "Quality is always our number one priority, so we decided to offer HD downloads. And, going to GameLink was the obvious choice."

“We are proud to partner with Maddy G Productions to utilize our state-of-art technology to deliver their HD content to their customers,” said Jeff Dillon, GameLink director of online sales.

He added, “Our platform is geared toward full movie consumption and Maddy G Productions are movies that you definitely must see from start to finish.”

More information from Marie Madison and Maries Play Place.