Hirsch Talks Montag Sex Tape With TMZ

LOS ANGELES — Vivid’s founder Steven Hirsch appeared on a live chat today with TMZ’s Harvey Levin to talk about the Heidi Montag sex tape and also field questions from viewers.

Set in TMZ’s newsroom, Levin asked Hirsch why celebrity sex tapes are so popular.

Hirsch replied that people these days feel closer to celebrities than ever before because of social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and others.

He added because of that, people have developed a voracious appetite for celebrity sex tapes.

Hirsch said he will be traveling to Costa Rica in the next week, that’s where, according to reports, Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag have been spotted, to solidify a deal to release the tape. Hirsch said he didn’t know if Heidi had signed paperwork authorizing the release of the video.

Hirsch said that Vivid always goes through its legal department before releasing any celebrity sex tape.

Hirsch also told Levin that if a Montag sex tape is released, it will be huge, though he didn’t get into any specific numbers.

Rumors have been circulating that Montag and Pratt are getting a divorce and that Spencer is threatening to release a flurry of sex tapes that feature him with Montag, along with some girl-on-girl action with Playboy Playmate, Karisssa Shannon.

Levin asked Hirsch why he’s waiting so long to fly to Costa Rica, that he usually secures a deal right away. Hirsch replied that it takes two to make a deal and that he was waiting for Pratt to have all of his things in order, so that he’ll be ready for Hirsch when he arrives.

TMZ reported last week that Spencer wants $5 million for the sex tape. Levin told Hirsch that he had spoke with Spencer who said that he wants to become a millionaire.

Montag rose to stardom when she starred in MTV’s reality series, “The Hills,” which premiered in 2006.