CalExotics Releases Automatic Precision Pump

CHINO, Calif. — CalExotics has unveiled the Automatic Precision Pump.

“The Automatic Precision Pump is great because it requires no manual hand pumping to get great results,” said Al Bloom, CalExotics’ director of marketing. “They just have to press a button, and the motorized pump does the rest!”

The Automatic Precision Pump features a motorized pump that delivers suction. Its pistol-grip controller features a push-button activation and a flexible, non-crimping hose allows for a steady flow of air.

When finished, users simply have to press an automatic-release button located on the pistol grip to release the pressure.

“The Precision Pump is bound to be one of the more popular products for our male customers,” said Susan Colvin, president and founder of CalExotics. “The high-quality construction and ease-of-use really set it apart.”

The cylinder is made of ABS and measures 8.25 inches by 3 inches. The removable sleeve is made with TPE, and the cylinder features measures to track progress.