Lucas Entertainment Targets Another Wave of File-Sharers

DALLAS — Lucas Entertainment has filed another BitTorrent infringement suit just three weeks after targeting 65 John Doe defendants allegedly involved with file sharing "Missing."

This time around, Lucas Entertainment aims its sights on learning the identities of and suing 53 individuals who allegedly distributed "Kings of New York" over the Internet, according to the suit filed Monday at U.S. District Court in Dallas.

In an exhibit of evidence obtained by XBIZ, Lucas Entertainment targeted the 53 individuals from alleged file-sharing activities conducted early Friday morning, just days before the company filed suit.

As in the "Missing" suit, court papers allege that the individuals initiated their infringement on bit torrent site

Lucas Entertainment President and CEO Michael Lucas, in discussing the suit with XBIZ last month, said he has decided to take a "more forceful approach with these sites and their users" rather than a passive one.

On Tuesday, Lucas told XBIZ that many sites are responsive and take down content once notified of copyright infringement.

"Unfortunately, some are not and we have decided to take an assertive approach with the more difficult sites and their users,” Lucas said. "We appreciate our fans wherever they are but business is business and we have to make some money off our content.”

“Kings of New York," which debuted in June, takes a look at four young men willing to do anything to make it to the top and the powerful individuals who control access to that playground of privilege known as the Big Apple.

“Kings of New York” marked the debuts of “Big Brother 10” star Steven Daigle, along with Zack Alexander and Rod Daily. The title also stars Wilfried Knight with Junior Stellano, Phillip Aubrey, Rafael Alencar and Michael Lucas.

The video features various non-sexual celebrity cameos such as Village Voice columnist Michael Musto and drag queen Bianca del Rio.

Lucas again has tapped attorney Evan Stone of Dallas to track and sue the alleged file sharers.

The judge in the "Missing" suit already has granted Lucas Entertainment's request to subpoena 14 Internet service providers to identify alleged file-sharers.

The latest suit seeks an injunction against the defendants, as well as damages and attorneys fees.