Apple Accused of Removing Racy Titles From iTunes Store

CUPERTINO, Calif. — Several erotic writings have been pulled from Apple’s iTunes Store and replaced with less sexier titles.

Monday morning, the top spot was held by “Blonde and Wet, the Complete Story” by author Carl East and several other racy titles also held top ten positions in the most popular downloads chart.

By the afternoon, these erotic titles were dropped out of the top listings, with book chart analysts insisting it was likely the titles were deliberately removed by Apple, according to NetworkWorld.

According to the author, “Blonde and Wet, the Complete Story” is about "complete sexual awakening" and "an erotic adventure like no other," which is "extremely graphic and some might say it's porn."

Apple has a no-porn policy when it comes to the iTunes App Store, though the policy has been limited to iPhone apps.

Attorney Lawrence Walters said the move is unfortunate but not surprising.

"Large companies tend to play to the conservatives. They play to the prevailing mentality they perceive is pervasive in today's society," he said. "They don't want to take any chances by allowing controversial material that may harm the company."

Apple declined to comment on the disappearance of the books.

East has more than 70 erotic books to his name with titles such as “Confessions of a Nymphomaniac,” “The Complete Story,” “Claudia's Wild Weekend,” “Mature Women” and “Threesome.”