Topco Sales Releases Japanese Silk Love Rope Line

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Topco Sales has announced the availability of its full line of Japanese Silk Rope products.

Among the new releases is the Japanese Silk Love Rope Plaited Flogger. Available in three colors — red, black and purple — the whip is designed with two grip options: a comfort wrapped handle and a swiveling O ring for maneuverability.

Holding to the lines flagship colors, the Japanese Silk Love Rope Concubine Kit also is being offered in black, red and purple. The kit contains a soft Plaited Mini Flogger, a blindfold and a ball gag. The flogger is a miniature version of the Silk Love Rope Plaited Flogger, while the blindfold and ball gag are unique to the line.

“Our Japanese Silk Love Rope has always been a popular product,” said Miranda Lancaster, product development project manager for Topco Sales. “And when all of these products are displayed together, their shelf appeal is off the charts!”

Rounding out the collection is the Japanese Silk Love Rope Hog Tie in black, red and purple. The fully adjustable device is made to bind wrists and ankles behind the back.