Stagliano Judge to Rule on Whether Case Should Continue

WASHINGTON — The federal judge in the John Stagliano obscenity case will decide on several motions today, including whether the government has met its burden of proof to continue its case.

"We'll see what's left standing," U.S. District Judge Richard Leon said this morning.

Also this morning, the judge dealt with the issue of FBI agent Daniel Bradley's testimony. Bradley testified that prosecutor Pamela Satterfield directed him to re-review the movies in question as directed by the judge.

Leon told the court that he was going to advise the jury he did not tell Satterfield to have Bradley re-review the movies.

Meanwhile, the defense wanted to strike Bradley's testimony, while prosecutors wanted to strike only the comment, neither of which the judge agreed to do.

Leon offered a compromise where Satterfield can issue an affidavit stating that she did not tell Bradley to re-review the movies as directed by the judge.

When court resumes this morning after a brief break, prosecutors will rest their case.