Steve Miller Joins Metro Sales Team

NORTHRIDGE, Calif. — Metro Media Entertainment announced today that Steve Miller has joined the company as sales manager of its West Coast production facility.

Miller is a 22-year-veteran of adult that included stints at SexZ Pictures, Cinderella and Astral Ocean.

Metro said he will be focusing on improving customer service relations with an eye toward premium projects, such as Erica McLean’s “Alice” releasing in August as well as Jax’s “My Baby Got Back 47 – Anal Idol Edition” to be released in September.

“We are very happy to have Steve join the Metro team,” said Rick Porras, Metro’s vice president of operations.

He added, “It is the company's plan to continue to build strong relations with distributors, store chains and webmasters in an ongoing effort to promote our premium releases to a worldwide audience. Steve will be a great asset to Metro.”

Miller can be reached at (818) 885-2800, ext. 206, or at