Pure Play Media Releases ‘Mamazon’ Collector's Set

CHATSWORTH, Calif. – “Mamazon,” the first big-bust genre feature of its kind, is coming to DVD in a 2-disc special feature.

Available today, the movie takes the adult studio setting and veers it into another side of the Score Group’s performers.

According to the Score Group, “Mamazon” is based in the jungle and is the story of an all-girl tribe who possess the power to enhance their bust. Exotic and curious, the jungle women have only ever engaged in sex with each other. When four male explorers show up in their territory, the tribe learns first-hand about hetero sex.

The movie is shot entirely outdoors in an all natural location, mixing well-known Score centerfolds (Alexis Silver, Rachel Love, Daylene Rio, and Kali West) as well as newcomers (Alia Janine and Shyla Shy).

Asked what makes “Mamazon” unique for The Score Group, director Tushna said, “This adventure movie just came together naturally. We’ve never made a movie like this before. I believe ‘Mamazon’ is the first of its kind, especially for a XXX movie.”

The “Mamazon” limited edition collector's set features behind-the-scenes footage, plus bloopers, outtakes, deleted scenes and galleries. The movie is also available on Blu-Ray. For ordering details, contact sales@pureplaymedia.com. More information can be found at Score’s minisite www.MamazonTheMovie.com.