TeasersVOD.Com Prepares Release of ‘Teasers: Extreme Public Adventures’

Hollywood, Calif. — TeasersVOD.com will release their first release in their DVD series, “Teasers: Extreme Public Adventures Vol. 1,” distributed by LFP Video.

"It's unlike anything on the market," said Marc Star, the film’s director. "We do everything out in public and I'm not talking like behind a stack of wooden crates in the back of some industrial yard. I'm talking about in public. With people walking all around. In America."

"Well...L.A." adds Chief Drinkalot, the film’s MC and front man. "People in Hollywood walk on by as if it's just another naked girl on the street."

“Teasers: Extreme Public Adventures Vol. 1” stars April O'Neil, Rebecca Blue and Elizabeth Darling. Scene highlights include Elizabeth being handcuffed to a chain link fence and spanked, Rebecca removing her clothes in the middle of the street and April exposing her breasts in public.

"Our trademark is the cafe scene," added Star. "We start off each shoot by charming the girls out of their panties at sidewalk cafes.”

“But it usually turns into much more than that,” said Chief. “Everything out, lots of groping. Rebecca was particularly fearless. We were at a Thai restaurant and she spent half the time there wearing just a tank top and boots — nothing else."

The title streets this month.