Adult Stars Show Support for Lindsay Lohan's 'Inferno' Role

LOS ANGELES — Despite Lindsay Lohan’s legal troubles, many have rallied around the star to show their support including her “Inferno” director and several top adult stars.

Director Matthew Wilder said he is 100 percent behind Lohan and everyone else who is involved in the production of “Inferno: A Linda Lovelace Story," a biopic about the ‘70s porn star.

“Indeed, we are proud to have this remarkable artist work on our film,” Wilder said.

He added production will begin once this legal chapter is finished.

Like Lohan, Lovelace faced her own controversy including career trouble, volatile breakups and drug convictions.

Top adult star Jesse Jane weighed in on Lohan playing the role of Lovelace, saying that’s precisely why the troubled actress is right for the role.

"The thing is, no one big in Hollywood would play [Lovelace] because it has to do with porn,” Jane told “That's a taboo thing for actresses. Lindsay, I think, will really be able to tap into Linda Lovelace because they might have a lot of things in common."

Both Jane and fellow star Chanel Preston agree that the movie will give Lohan the career bump she needs.

"If she is able to play Linda well," Preston said, "then I think people will really respect that she possibly used her own troubles to accurately portray an American icon."

Both Jane and Preston agree that the story is ripe for gripping storytelling.

"'Deep Throat' was such a huge movie and probably still the most talked-about [adult film] of all time and starring in that really made her career," Jane said of Lovelace.

"I love that she was very open about liking porn and didn't care about what people thought about it or her. That says a lot about her character, and I respect that."

Lohan was sentenced this week to 90 days in jail and 90 days in rehab for violating her probation.