Video: Michael Lucas Debates at Oxford Union

NEW YORK — Gay producer Michael Lucas has released video of his debate on June 3 at England’s Oxford Union (part of Oxford University).

Speaking in proposition of the motion “This House Believes That the Gay Rights Movement Has Undermined Family Values,” Lucas argued that the element of choice in gay couples’ relationships cripples the reasoning of “traditional family” advocates.

Lucas, who is CEO and president of Lucas Entertainment, said he is the first gay porn star to have spoken at the Union.

“[Gay couples’] relationships are more equal [than traditional heterosexual couples] — there are no blueprints and no traditions, which determine the powers and economic arrangements between each other. Each couple has to develop and negotiate from scratch what works for them. Again, there is the element of choice, which strikes at the core of what traditional family values are all about,” Lucas said.

Lucas has spoken at several universities throughout his career, including Yale University (first at a master’s tea, then as a member of a panel discussion on pornography), New York University, Rutgers University, and Stanford University.

The producer said he is planning on lecturing at the University of Illinois Chicago and again at Yale University later this year.