FSC, Industry Stakeholders to Attend Cal-OSHA Meeting

CANOGA PARK, Calif. — The Free Speech Coalition plans on attending a Cal-OSHA advisory meeting with a group of industry representatives next month to discuss bloodborne pathogen regulations for the adult biz.

Cal-OSHA earlier this year approved two advisory meetings in order to hear commentary from adult industry stakeholders and other interested parties. Subsequent to the meeting on June 29, the second advisory meeting is anticipated to be held in early October at a Bay Area location.

Cal-OSHA board of directors could decide on whether there should be bloodborne pathogen regulations as early as next year.

The meetings follow a campaign waged by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation to pressure local and state agencies to enforce bloodborne pathogen regulations, including mandatory condom use, on adult production sets.

“We expect AHF and the Pink Cross Foundation to be at the meeting with their usual theatrical antics,” FSC Executive Director Diane Duke said. “FSC has organized a group of professional representatives from throughout the industry to speak as the clear voice of reason in this debate.

“FSC is working strategically on a number of fronts to make sure that the stakeholders — adult industry producers, performers and set workers — are able to be heard above the noise of these anti-adult industry organizations and their political agendas."

Duke noted that the FSC also has developed a “FSC Health & Safety Manual” for adult businesses. The publication contains information about basic Cal-OSHA compliance and is available to FSC members at no charge.

The Cal-OSHA meeting is slated for Tuesday, June 29, from 10 a.m.-3:30 p.m., and will be held at the Caltrans Building, 100 S. Main St., Room 1040A, in downtown Los Angeles.