Lucas Entertainment Releases 'Missing'

NEW YORK — Lucas Entertainment release its latest feature, “Missing.”

According to the company, “Missing” is a pornographic suspense thriller filmed entirely on location in Barcelona, Spain. The storyline centers around the kidnapping of a young traveler (Diego Cruz) and the lengths his friends (Jonathan Agassi and Michael Lucas) must go through to get him back.

“The intricacies of this shoot were like nothing we have done before overseas,” said Michael Lucas, president and chief executive officer of Lucas Entertainment. “We chased our guys down dark alleys, kidnapped them, threw them in freezing water during the middle of winter and in the end they fucked harder than ever. I was amazed with the intensity that these guys delivered!”

“Missing” marks the debut of Cruz and also features Lucas Entertainment exclusives, Pavlvs Guell, Bruno Jones, Ivan Rueda, Carlos Caballero, Sergio Serrano, Jean Franko and Michael Lucas.

The title has a total running time of 138 minutes.